Sunday, May 29, 2011

MIndfulness-- The only way to sustainability

Twinned highway ends. No more meridian in the ...Image via WikipediaToday was a wonderful summer day in India.Lots of heat, lots of traffic and even more hotheads fighting in the sun. I rode on a bend of the road. I was surprised to see an rickshaw parked on the side and disturbance on the road. The traffic had stopped and there was a hurry as buses and cars were parked. In the middle of the road there was the driver of the rickshaw and another man picking up utensils of steel from the hot road.

The traffic moved on and coming close to the spot we saw a lot of food spilled on the road from  large containers - basically large Dabbas. The container of food would have been sufficient to feed a full meal for about 30-35 people.

Crossing the place where the food had fallen off, I thought about whose mistake it was all about. The maker of the food did not do any mistake in the quantity or the quality. The one who packed must have packed it the way he must have done it everyday. Packed it properly so that the food would be edible after an hour.

The one who was taking the food to the waiting people drove the rickshaw mindlessly and the food fell on the street for no one to eat. This was waste created by sheer mindlessness.

My thought strayed to the challenges facing our generation. Particularly the one of having ever dwindling resources that are not sufficient. We are ever the mindless driver carrying useful food and spilling the road with the resources and this is food that is not useful for the present or the future generations.

This is the warning. Mindless waste is not the path to sustainability
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