Friday, April 20, 2012

How to succeed with excellent customer service - 7 steps to excellence

How to succeed with excellent customer service - 7 steps to excellence The task of every business is to create a customer. Usually we in business end up creating a customer and then we start on the slippery slide with the customer to customer disservice. It is a repeated sight in organisations to see customers shouting in the hall ways and crowing employees facing off with the manager explaining the facts. At the root of such disservice is that organisations do not realise that customers usually require few answers and at the appropriate time. Usually once the customer has escalated the matter high up in the organisation, there is a deluge of information available.This deluge of information is shown as the resolution to the applause of all. Blaming systems and sometimes the customer is a poor way to handle customer service. The apt way is create excellant customer service by frontending the process and ensuring that customer is at the core of the entire process This article by michael kinsky delineates some of the findings in a Harvard business school finding. This seven path to customer service is a strategic tool.

Winning with successful customer service is a powerful tool. Repeat customers and word of mouth are too powerful in this age of facebook and twitter. A single sentence can see the end of a behemoth
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