Monday, December 29, 2008

The coming Green Revolution

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The time for Green technology has come and It is going to be the next big growth story. Green technology includes Solar,Wind,Biomass, Certain forms of Nuclear technology ,Hydrogen, geothermal and other sources including Tide and Wave based power generation plants.

This is the type of sources of energy that will revolutionize the economy, but most importantly will create a lot of changes at the planetary level in politics as well. This is in line with the kardashev scale
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This form of technology will create the basis for a large scale change in the world, in its outlook as well as perceptions. The world will prepare to utilise the resources of the Star ( The Sun in our case) and this will go a long way in creating a civilization which will unify in its objectives in the quest for resources as well as the utilization of the same.

In the meanwhile, go out and buy a few of the stock in the Solar, Nanotech ( has implications for Solar and bio mass based plants) and wind energy companies, you will see benefits by the third quarter of 2009.
This revolution will change a lot of things. Lets welcome the same
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